The TeddyNet Directory is the place to find out all about your favourite teddy bear businesses.

Currently covering Stockists, Artists, Manufacturers and Miscellany, many Directory entries are split into two parts:

the "Listing" - which includes details of the products and services the business provides, along with all their contact information;

the "Profile" - which gives a more detailed background to the business. They are written by, or based on information provided by, the businesses themselves. Not everyone has got a "Profile" at the moment, but we hope they all soon will.

The latest batch of Directory entries are now available for viewing, so please take a look and see if one of your favourites has made an appearance. We will be adding more as soon as they're ready.

To access a Listing, roll your cursor over one of the four green buttons at the top of the page and a list of businesses will pop out - just click on the one you want to view. If there is a Profile button at the bottom of a particular Listing, click on it to find out even more.

To see an example of a full Listing and Profile, please take a look at the Bears Galore Directory entry via the Stockists button above.


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